Pyranobolin - Strength & Muscle Builder

Pyranobolin - Strength & Muscle Builder

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Pyranobolin - Strength & Muscle Builder

  • May Increase Muscle Size.
  • May Increase Muscle Contractile Strength (Power).
  • May Help Activate the Androgen Receptor Similar to Anabolic Steroids.
  • Found To Work Similar To Ostarine (MK2866).
  • Contains NEW SARM DPB500
    Androgen only receptor agonist (chemical)

    - Androgen only activity- no oestrogen activity
    - May Produce Lean hard mass gains
    - Low dose high activity for a safer dosing regime
    - Does not aromatise
    - Limited fluid retention

60x Caps - 2x Caps per day in the morning with food, 1x Month Supply.
For best results, stack with other anabolic compounds to achieve your desired strength & power results.

NO PCT Needed: If using at a higher dose than recommended for periods longer than 3 months, then a 'mini PCT' maybe needed of 2-4 weeks, depending on your higher dose and length of time used.

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