Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser

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Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml Warning

COVID-19?  It's NOT the virus alone you should be worried about...

It's "The flow on effect" from the virus, THEN, getting HIT with the virus that should concern you!

Here's what I mean,

The virus has halted China's exports of cheap raw materials, packaging and other products required for Australian businesses to manufacture and operate.

Supermarkets can't keep up with demand...

and their supply lines can't keep up either, creating not only a shortage of product, but Australian manufacturers need to find alternative supply lines other than China, pushing manufacturing costs up also.

And then, there's a backlog of demand and this could continue for months (no exaggeration, because as a manufacturer we've ordered & pre-paid for supplies and we're told we could be waiting up to 3 months!).

So in essence, 

There's less packaging, less manufacturing capabilities, less products ... higher demand for essential items and things could get expensive (with up to 3 month supply line delays).

Is your job at risk?

Many businesses are closing down to either the virus it'self (infected staff), the government lock down (minimizing exposure to the general public) or because of "The flow on effect" affecting supply lines.

You've seen the chaos in supermarkets,

Now imagine you've got no income, no food and THEN you get the virus, (possibly in lock down), how long can you last for?

This is not a scare tactic, I'm simply expressing the worst case scenario ... which at this time, is a possibility that you want to prepare for ahead.

That's the importance of reducing the risk of infection, you'll want to remain healthy, capable and ready to act if you need to get food etc.

Instead of being sick, bed ridden and incapable of looking after yourself, friends or family.

Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml Check

Seen those people stocking up on 'other' hand sanitisers? 

Mainstream disinfectants & hand sanitisers say "Kills 99% of germs & bacteria", but that's germs and bacteria (antibacterial) but do they kill viruses?

Are they Antiviral?

Those people are wasting their money ... this is a virus!

Can Dettol Kill the Coronavirus?

Dettol claims, their products can kill the (human) Coronavirus.

What most people don't understand is, the Coronavirus is an umbrella term for a range of viruses but COVID-19 is a different strand.

Dettol says; "the new virus (COVID-19) is not yet available for commercial testing."

Dettol screwed up,

Dettol removed alcohol from their products a while ago, which is proven to be effective in killing viruses and an effective disinfectant itself.

In truth, the only Dettol product that contains 70% alcohol (that I've seen) is the Glen 20 aerosol spray and good luck trying to find some.

In essence, Dettol and other mainstream disinfectants & hand sanitisers that do not contain high concentrations of alcohol may not be effective at killing SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 Virus as most people think.

That's Why We've Developed Vira Shield,

 Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml

We've done our homework,

Vira Shield contains no less than 70% ethanol and we've added a bunch of other virus killing ingredients according to recent literature.

d-Limonene has been shown to destroy coronaviruses and herpesviruses at the right concentration, and thus is effective as an antiviral ingredient in hand sanitiser (1,2,6).

Alpha and beta pinene have also demonstrated antiviral effects against herpesviruses and infectious bronchitis virus as well as antibacterial effects against endocarditis causing bacteria (1,3,7).

Linalool has also demonstrated antibacterial effects and potentially anticoronaviral effects (5,6).

Hemp seed oil has also demonstrated some antibacterial effect (4).


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7 - Yang, Z., Wu, N., Zu, Y., & Fu, Y. (2011). Comparative anti-infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) activity of (-)-pinene: effect on nucleocapsid (N) protein. Molecules, 16(2), 1044-1054.

Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Here's the problem,

There's an Auswide shortage of ethanol.

(Apparently) the Australian government stockpiled for sanitising purposes.

So we sourced a local distillery who supplied a limited batch.

Then the government advised all distilleries they could ONLY manufacture alcohol for consumption and no longer supply ethanol to manufacturers producing hand sanitiser!

How weird is that?

So now we need to buy alcohol and distil it ourselves at the lab. This pushes our manufacturing costs through the roof but the demand is high for essential services.

And not everyone has access to it, who needs it.

Many Australian businesses are closing down, the "flow on effect" will be devastating.

We're supplying Australian businesses with our antiviral hand sanitiser so they can keep producing food and other products for all Australians.

The problem is much bigger than you and I but if we all work together, we can ensure we continue to get the products we need for day to day living.

Help us, help you...

(and other Australian businesses stay in operation).

By using our Antiviral Hand Sanitiser, not only are you getting an effective product to help protect yourself and family against infection...

You're also helping other Australian businesses stay in operation, and providing Australians with employment and manufacturing capabilities to supply Australians with the products we all need.

Although we're supplying Vira Shield to major businesses, we want to make it available to YOU in small quantities because we care about you as a valued BIGBoyz customer (if you need it).

If you don't need it,

We kindly ask that you Share This Page via Facebook or Social Media.

So people understand the bigger picture.

And we'll ensure all money coming in, is going back into the Australian economy, helping Australia to continue operating.

This is not about profiteering or capitalizing on the situation, if that were the case, it would've been cheaper (and less headaches) to stockpile mainstream (useless) disinfectants low, then sell them higher as demand increases.

Check this out!

Here's a screenshot of 1x eBay seller selling 1L of hand sanitiser for $330!! AND, he's got the cheek to charge $13 for shipping!?

Hand Sanitiser eBay

Now that's price gouging, profiteering and being an absolute a$$!

We could charge high prices too, but NO,

We've created an Australian product and we're fairly priced due to the shortage of ethanol and packaging issues. 

We're using Australian suppliers, for Australians and Australian businesses, so they can continue to supply Australia with the products we need for AUSTRALIANS.

And any money generated, stays circulating throughout Australia.

So please share (or copy & paste) this link on Facebook and help us spread the word like the sick are spreading the virus!

But for the average healthy Australian, you wont need to Seriously Stress about the virus itself (but definitely minimize risk of infection)...

For those over 60yrs, weakened immune systems, respiratory issues or other serious health related conditions need to be Seriously Concerned about infection.

Those in contact with these people should also be concerned about passing on the virus to their health concerned friends, family or loved ones.

Vira Shield will to help minimize the risk of infection, so you can deal with "The Flow On Effect" if you need to ... (without being sick).

Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml


Help stop the spread of infection!

Thank you Australia ... if you don't need any hand sanitiser, please share with someone who does.

- AJ

BIGBoyz Pty Ltd

 "Great results, can be achieved with small forces."
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War


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Thank you,

Vira Shield - Antiviral Hand Sanitiser 500ml

$20.00 – $1,090.00

Vira Shield 500ml (Single)Vira Shield 500ml (Single)
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