PCT Stack - Nolvagen & Test Switch


This Post Cycle Therapy Stack is designed to reduce estrogen levels and elevate natural test levels ... after a pro-hormone or steroid cycle.


  • May Help Block Estrogen Similar To Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate).
  • May Help Restore Natural Testosterone Production.
  • Commonly Used As Part Of A PCT Protocol.

Directions For Use Use 1x Week after your cycle. Weeks 1-2 - 4x Caps Daily, Weeks 3-4 - 2x Caps Daily. If further PTC is needed Weeks 6-8 - 2x Caps Daily.

Nutritional Facts Each capsule contains: Andro 3,5 dien 7 17 dione (10mg) & a proprietary carrier blend. Also contains gelatin.

TEST Switch - Testosterone Mimic/Booster & Estrogen Blocker

  • May Activate the Androgen Receptor Similar to Anabolic Steroids.
  • May Mimic The Effects Of Testosterone and may be (Up To) 8x More Potent Than Testosterone Alone.
  • May Amplify Natural Testosterone or Synthetic Testosterone.
  • May Co-Bind ARA55 & 70 Proteins for Superior DNA Transcriptional Activities (unlike synthetic anabolic steroids).
  • May help block Estrogen by up to 50% Similar To Tamoxifen.

60x Caps - 2x Caps per day, 1x Month Supply.
For best results, stack with other anabolic compounds to achieve your desired results.

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