Elbow Wraps 40 inch


BIGBoyz 40 Inch Elbow Wrap Support System, designed to help Increase Your Bench Press.

  • Strong cotton/elastin, for stable support.
  • Perfect for bench, shoulder & dumbbell pressing.
  • Change the position of the wrap, for more (or less) support/restriction.
  • Triple strip velcro stages for different sized arms.
  • Thumb loop (if required) to help strap up the wraps yourself.
  • Good for intermediate lifters, to increase their chest & shoulder development.
  • Designed specifically for the goal of lifting 100kg Dumbbells, the goal was achieved.

Use can order elbow sleeves online which are great if you get the right size, but you wont be able to adjust the tension or will have to return them until you get the sizing correct. Elbow wraps solve this issue.


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