BIGBoyz Winter Beanie

Introducing the ultimate knoggin concealer ...

Perfect for hiding big domes, wear with sunnies (for that awsm criminal look) ...
OR, if you got a baldy head goin on ... keep that barren patch warm in winter ...

it can also double as a sock for all you one legged men out there with a foot shaped like a head.

I only got 25x of them made up here in Melbn ... and this is what they actually cost each (so we dont make any money) ... but coz I'm an impatient prick ... I needed to conceal my fat head fast ... and protect it from the winter freeze ...

so instead of waiting for China, I got them done here in Australia ... and got ripped off!
And now you can get ripped off too and get this beanie at COST PRICE!

We don't care about the money ... but we cant keep giving shit away for free either ... we just know they look kool AZF ... and definitely get attention wherever they show up.

So get yours now, otherwise some other fat head will get it ... and I dont know or care when I'll order more in ... unless someone steals my one, we have none left ... and my dome gets cold.

Credit to BIGBoyz Sponsored Athlete Rhys Evans for donating his head to our web page. 


If you buy some more shit and spend over $80, you can use the Discount Code: Evans for 20% OFF ... and if your order is over $40 ... it'll include Free Express Shipping Too!

Only Regular price $22.00

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