Anabolic State (Discontinued)

Anabolic State (Discontinued)

Anabolic State Plus ZMA - (Discontinued)

  • Highly Anabolic even at moderate doses.
  • Excellent for lean mass gains.
  • Truly shines when used for body recomposition.
  • May help increase endurance (aerobic or anaerobic).
  • Joint and Injury healing abilities.
  • Half life of 24 hours which requires dosing only once a day.
  • Non methylated so no negative effects on liver, blood pressure or other internal organs.
  • Minimal suppression and only a mini pct is required with rapid recovery time.
  • Great sense of well being.
  • May produce a large increase in strength.

Directions For Use Take 1-2 capsules daily with food. Best used with a muscle development training and diet programme.

Nutritional Facts Each capsule contains: MK-2866 10mg, Magnesium Aspartate 200mg, Zinc amino acid chelate standardised to zinc 12.5mg, Vitamin B6 6mg Also contains gelatin.

Please Note: This product is no longer available and will not be re-stocked. 01.06.

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