Something's Cooking...

Hey guyz,

As majority of you know, BIGBoyz (as a supplement company) is under constant attack from it's (dobbing) competitors in the Australian marketplace.

We were so over it, we decided to focus on other ventures that have been very fruitful but for now, we'll be closing down our site until further notice.

We'll be emailing all existing customers with a final decision by the end of the month (September/October) as to what we decide to do moving forward.

Many of you also know, if someone wants to pick a fight, we're not ones to back down
but the problem is, these cowards make anonymous complaints to authorities with false allegations and we don't actually know who they are (although we have our suspicions).

But that's ok though, all I'll say is, keep an eye out for an email from us shortly :)
Appreciate your understanding and patience.

Keep Strong, Stay BIG, Be You.


Email update in ...

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