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Where's All The Frequently Asked Questions?

Don't freak out on the pre-workout bro, we're adding heaps more here as soon as we can.

There's only one maori boy developing this site and he's been under the pump 24/7.
No Christmas, No New Years Party, All Work, No Play, Not even a roll in the hay ...

If you have an important question, email us using the Contact Us page. We may not reply straight away, but, we'll definitely reply as soon as we can.

Contact Us

Or for a faster response, you can message us on Facebook if it's urgent.

When Is 'X' Going To Be Ready Or Available?

'X' (whatever it is) will be ready and available once it's live on site.

Not to be a smart arse, but whether it's product development, website content or anything else really ... there's priorities, expense, delays, feasibility, testing and a whole lot more to consider before releasing anything to the general public (or our awsm members).

We can't put time frames on things, because somethings are out of our control.

We want to make sure we produce quality ... and good things take time ... but rest assured, we're always working hard and round the clock to deliver.

Make sure to Register An Account or 'Like' our Facebook Page, we'll update you when things are ready.

What Do You Recommend?

We don't know anything about you, training & dietary experience, any health concerns, age, weight, training goals etc, so we can't recommend anything really.
Once the site is complete, you'll be able to see categories on the home page and you'll be able to align products and compounds according your to your training goals.

Give us a bit of time and we'll finish off the site as quick as we can.

Will You Be Adding More Frequently Asked Questions?

Absolutely, more coming soon!

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

Give AUSPost a quick call with your tracking number ... see what's going on. If they dont know, give us a quick bell and we'll see if there's an error on our end.

Will You Be Adding More Frequently Asked Questions?

Absolutely, more coming soon!

Will Your Supplements Show Up In A 'Piss Test'?

We get this question all the time ... and the simple answer is, it depends on what 'they're' testing for?

If 'they' (whoever that is?) are testing for compounds in our products, then yes, their test will return positive.
If 'they're' testing for alcohol, recreational drugs or steroids, then no ... you won't test positive.


If 'they're' testing for elevated test levels, then yes, possibly?

That would depend on what they consider a higher than normal test lvl?

This is a very broad question we can't really answer ... unless you know specifically what they're testing for.
Or your question refers to alcohol, drugs or steroids specifically, the answer would be 'No',

And that's usually the case.
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