AMP 5 Energy Matrix

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There is an AMP 5 Energy & Vasodilator that was originally designed for race horses to perform and run harder, faster and longer during their horse race, we've developed the human version for athletes!

Adenosine-5-monophosphate (AMP5) is a potent natural vasodilator which produces a marked increase in blood circulation to both skeletal and cardiac muscle.

  • AMP5 Increases Blood, Nutrient & Available Energy Supply To Muscle Tissue.
  • Vasodilation Improves Removal Of Wastes To Delay Fatigue & Cramping.
  • AMP5 May Help Prevent Heart Strain During & After Strenuous Exercise.

Mixed with AMP5 are several other compounds to help;

  • Increase ATP Production, so you have more workout energy!
  • Increase Strength, Power & Stamina, so you can break PBs!
  • Less Cramping & Delayed Muscle Fatigue, so you can train harder & longer!

And it works well with your favourite pre-workout (like Hulk Dust 4 - Antidote) or works well on it's own!

Ideal for performance athletes that want to push their own physical boundaries and Get The EDGE on their competition.

Recommended Use: Mix 2x Scoops (5g) of AMP5 with 400-600ml of cool water and consume 30mins before your workout. For best results, use with Hulk Dust and/or Carb Dust for a more beneficial and synergistic effect. 

30 Serves (150g) Delicious Orange Mango Flavour (only).

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