Accelerated Shred Stack - Weight Loss

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Need To Lose Some Body Fat?

The 'Accelerated Shred Stack' was formulated for bodybuilders and/or other athletes that are training to reduce body fat.

Athletes, Bodybuilders & Those That Want To Lose Body Fat may find the ingredients in the 'Accelerated Shred Stack'  particularly useful as part of their dietary & body fat reduction training program.

The Accelerated Shred Stack is comprised of 2x unique products, designed to work synergistically together to help you attain your body fat reduction goals and weight loss.

    If you like GW501516 (Cardarine) you'll love Accelerate GW509415!

    Accelerate 2.0 - Directions & Ingredients:

    Accelerate 2.0 Ingredients


    Torched T2  Thermo Shred - Directions:

    Torched T2 Thermo Shred Ingredients

    In a nut shell, 

    Torched T2 Thermo Shred contains NO caffeine, NO creatine (glutamine base) and 1.5mg of T2 Thyroid Activator per capsule.

    Ideal for advanced athletes or bodybuilders during comp prep with 10x times the amount of T2 per capsule.

    Recommended Cycle: 8x-12x Weeks On, 4x Weeks Off.
    Post Cycle Therapy (PCT): Not necessary.


    Do not use this stack or Torched T2 Thermo Shred if you have any thyroid issues or other health concerns.
    Not for children 15 years and under or pregnant/breastfeeding mothers. Should not be used as a sole source of nutrition or used with any other caffeinated products or medication. Use in conjunction with a suitable diet & exercise program and consume with adequate water.
    Manufactured On Equipment Exposed To Dairy, Nuts and Soy.