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Anxiety/Sleep Management

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Anxiety Release

We've found some athletes who use harsh anabolic steroids may find themselves suffering from anxiety. Some athletes may feel anxious about their up & coming competition and feel the need to calm themselves without feeling drowsy.

That's where Anxiety Release may help ...

Sceletium toruosum is an African succulent which has been used as an anxiolytic and anti-depressant. The alkaloids including mesembrenone and mesembrine increase the levels of serotonin in the brain and decrease the activity of phosphodiesterase 4. 

Stephania rotunda contains the dopamine antagonist rotundine tetrahydropalmatine (THP). THP assists to decrease involuntary and spasmodic movement, reduces scattered thinking and worrying which often become distracting and destructive.

THP also confers analgesic properties which reduces myalgia and idiopathic aches and pains which may also be distracting and can lead to an increase in anxiety and irritation.

In other words, Anxiety Release works by 'quieting' the mind as well as the body so you can think clearer, with less distractions in a 'rested & calmer' state.

Sleep Switch 2.0 - Advanced Sleep Aid

Many people negate the importance of deep sleep, did you know ...

  • Poor Sleep Can Make You Fat
  • Poor Sleepers Have a Greater Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Poor Sleep Is Linked to Increased Inflammation
  • Poor Sleep Is Linked to Depression

This is interesting ...

  • Good Sleepers Tend to Eat Fewer Calories
  • Good Sleep Can Improve Concentration and Productivity
  • Good Sleep Can Maximize Athletic Performance
  • Sleep Affects Glucose Metabolism and Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Sleep Improves Your Immune Function
  • Sleep Affects Emotions and Social Interactions

You don't have to suffer ... 

The compounds found in Sleep Switch 2.0 have been engineered to give you an amazing deep sleep, that won't leave you feeling 'groggy' in the morning.

Anxiety Management

As part of your anxiety management plan ... Anxiety Release is ideal to be taken during the day to assist in calming & 'quieting' the mind and body without a sleep component.

Sleep Switch is ideal for the late evenings when you're ready to sleep... a decent deep sleep will help your body 'switch off' and prepare you for the next day ahead.

With different degrees of anxiety, some may find Sleep Switch used at half dose or single dose may help during the day also as with high levels of anxiety this may reduce ones state to 'normal' and may not induce sleep. However, one should only test this method when it is safe to do so.

These compounds will affect different body types, personalities and various degrees of anxiety.

So caution should be used when dose testing these products and a safe environment under professional medical guidance is recommended. 

Anxiety Release
Sleep Switch 2.0

ONLY Consume When It Is Safe To Do So.
Do NOT Operate Any Vehicles Or Any Machinery After Consumption.
Do NOT Consume With Any Other Medication or Alcohol.
Not for children 15 years and under or pregnant/breastfeeding mothers. Should not be used as a sole source of nutrition or used with any other medication. Use in conjunction with a suitable diet & exercise program and consume with adequate water.
Manufactured On Equipment Exposed To Dairy, Nuts and Soy.

$159.90 $139.95

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amazing products

wow!!! half way through my anxiety release and sleep switch products and I can say these are the real deal! very happy with these products and will be purchasing again

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