Hulk Dust 4 (Antidote) - Pre-Workout

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NEW! Hulk Dust 4 - Antidote - Pre-Workout & Muscle Development System

WARNING: Not For Use In Drug Tested Sports.
Contains Higenamine 20mg (prohibited in drug tested sports).

A Bit Of Hulk Dust History

The New Hulk Dust has been developed and improved 5x times since it's first production batch. Slowly refining the formula to give you the best result, value for money, high-quality ingredients and synergistic effects for better muscle growth & development.

GEN 1 - Hulk Dust - Looked like green crystal meth, hard-core, strong as hell and packed a BIG Green HULK PUNCH to power through your workouts ... It 'clumped', was bulky and the packaging was rough.

GEN 2 - Hulk Dust 2 - Was more refined, did the same awesome job, slightly altered the ingredients (less rubbish, more good stuff) but the bottle was HUGE, HEAVY, therefore more costly to ship (over 650g) and took up most a lot of space in the shipping satchel. 

GEN 2.5 - Hulk Dust 2

Definitely a more polished and professional look. Only weighing 200g (150g net) it's a space & money saver to ship. Concentrated to pack 50x 3g serves which will last you 1-2 months so it's awesome value for money ... but it 'clumped', it was ALL active ingredient, no filler, no anti-clumping agents ... but idiots still complained.

GEN3 - Hulk Dust 3

This wasn't for pussy boyz ... the powder wasnt pretty ... and it started to 'clump' after a long time in storage as we still refused to add in fillers & anti-clumping agents.

It was ALL active ingredient, so you got the best value for money pre-workout that delivered RESULTS.

And Now, Introducing...


Hulk Dust 4 Antidote - Pre-Workout

GEN4 - Hulk Dust 4 - Antidote

The pussy boyz we're whinging too much, "it's too strong", "mines a little clumpy"...

FFK Sakes ... grow some ballz you snow flakes...

Instead of changing the whole formula, we've taken out the beta-alanine (it's useless anyway and causes the powder to clump) ... and we've increased the servings from 60x to 100x, that way the pussy boyz can handle 1x scoop ... and BIGBoyz can adjust their dosing as they wish. 

Some of the ingredients in Antidote is probably stuff you've never seen in a pre-workout before. We like it like that as it's less likely to get banned.

In the meantime ... you can read all the crap you want ... OR you can grab a tub, get in the gym and get shit done.

And Train Your Ass Off!

The Ingredients In Hulk Dust 4 - Antidote

Hulk Dust 4 Antidote - Pre-Workout Ingredients

Best use:

Hulk Dust 4 Antidote - Can be stacked with AMP5 for extra energy, stacked with PHX2 for crippling pumps (*with a lil added carbs) and/or used by itself as a potent pre-workout.

Use as part of your muscle development diet & training program, HD4 - Antidote may be stacked with other non-caffeinated products in our range depending on your training goals.

It's also the a hefty kick-start to your day.

Hulk Dust 4 (HD4) Antidote - Directions & Warnings;

 Hulk Dust 4 Antidote - Pre-Workout Directions & Warnings

New Flavour Available!

Hulk Dust 4 Antidote Mango


Antidote HD4 pre-workout mixes perfectly with Mango Muscle Dust BCAAs & Mango AMP5 Energy Matrix ... to turbo charge your workouts and blast PBs ...

Choose your flavour below,

HIGH CAFFEINE CONTENT: Do Not Exceed 6g (2x scoops) in 2hrs, Do Not Exceed More Than 6g (2x scoops) of HD4 Antidote per day, Do Not Use With Other Caffeinated Products Or Beverages.
Not For Use In Drug Tested Sports - Contains Higenamine 20mg (prohibited in drug tested sports).
Not for children 16 years and under or pregnant/breastfeeding mothers. Should not be used as a sole source of nutrition or used with any other medication. Use in conjunction with a balanced diet. Minerals will only be used if you are lacking in a complete diet. Discontinue use if any undesirable effects are noticed. Consume with adequate water.
Manufactured On Equipment Exposed To Dairy, Nuts and Soy.

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$79.95 $69.95

Orange MangoOrange Mango
Red RaspberryRed Raspberry
Blue LemonadeBlue Lemonade

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