New Website Updates Jan 2018
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New Website Updates Jan 2018

Shit, what a lot of work!

First off, Merry Christmas & A Happy 2018! ... you're going to get BIG (if that's one of your goals).

Without boring you too much, we've got a lot to work on early this year and the website (tech) foundations needed an upgrade to handle what we've got for you.

So bare with us if you get the 'Coming Soon' page and content missing here and there, I assure you it'll be worth it in the end.

Last year we focused a lot on our supp range, research & developing new tech kept us busy while we were working our asses off, establishing our company foundations.

Thank fk that's done...

This year we'll be focusing more on content, athletes and new (legal) #SupplementsThatWork which will always be our ongoing passion, including our new alternatives to growth hormone and harsh steroids moving beyond Sarms and Peptides into gene manipulation.

Sounds hectic hey,

Here's some of the kool features we've integrated into the site.

  • Ability to add video explanations into our product pages.
  • A 'Frequently Asked Questions' page (still adding the questions lol).
  • The reviews system's had an overhaul (& still a work in progress).
    Soon, they'll be auto-publishable to facebook, pretty awsm!
  • Better site layout, easier and faster to use & find things.
  • A better way to handle product recommendations according to your training goals.(Still a work in progress).
  • An easier way to create good looking posts, pages and updates.
  • And a bunch of coding stuff to handle the following ...

Here's what we've got coming up over the next few months.

  • Finishing the boring stuff on the website.
  • Adding BIGBoyz Athlete Bios.
  • Changing ALL the product images and Product INFO!
  • Starting the product label 're-fresh'.
  • Adding Dylan Cruckshanks 'Armageddon' Training Program.
  • Adding the New BIGBoyz Occlusion Straps to the website.

I need a breath ...

  • Adding the New TShirts & Singlets this month!
  • Adding Powdered Strength Stack & MASS Stack Versions!
  • Adding New products for our MMA & Boxing Boyz.
  • Adding a New product for the Crossfit & F45 Folk.
  • Adding our NEW Healing Complex 'Regenotropin' (capsules) for all you injured ppl.
  • We'll be creating a membership program that blocks certain parts of the website and products off from the general public ... more details will follow (so please don't ask).
  • ... And A Lot More, But I Can't Be Bothered Typing Anymore ...

So as you can see, a lot in the works.

I'll also be doing a lot more regular updates, via website to facebook.
And MORE Video Content, when I get the chance!


Thank you for all your support so far, the fact that you're reading this says alot.
We look forward to helping you achieve your training goals and MORE.

Have the BEST year yet!To your next PB.


- Admin


No Christmas with family, No New Year Party with friends ... All Work, No Play ... When you need to get things done, put your head down and get it done.

You're responsible for your own success and no-one else, take it, it's yours.

(This guy needs some sleep though) LOL

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