IFBB Pro Gary Wright Signs With BIGBoyz (Dec 2016)
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IFBB Pro Gary Wright Signs With BIGBoyz (Dec 2016)

Fellow gym freaks,

If you've been disappointed in supplements before,
drop your guard for a sec and check this out.

Here's how it all started ...

Over the years, I watched Gary Wright (on Facebook) develop as a bodybuilder and win his Pro Card in 2014.

I saw that he moved from Cairns to Sydney this year (2016), then made the move to Melbourne where Tony Doherty had picked him up (at Doherty's Gym, Brunswick) and thought to myself, 'I gotta go meet this guy, he's an absolute TANK'.

I train at Doherty's very rarely, cross city traffic kills me although I love catching up with the Boyz, Abe Elzaibak, Atif Anwar, Josh Lenartowics, Nathan Roe and many others ...

Dohertys Gym (Brunswick) is definitely an amazing place to catch these guyz in their element.

As I sign in at the reception desk, I feel a 'sense of doom' approaching me and as I lift my fat head I hear a, "Hey Bro, seen you press those heavy ass dumbbells, nice to finally meet you!" ... it's the war machine himself, IFBB Pro Gary Wright.

I'm like, "Woah, Hey Bro, Nice to finally meet you too, been following you for a while now" ...

"Short, Stocky And Loaded With Muscle"

We get on pretty well and Gary says "Lets catch up for a session sometime".

"Done!" I replied.

"Wait, Gary Wants To Get BIGGER!?" 

Tuesday, 01 November 2016.
Garys Weight: 112kgs.

Before we train, we organize a catch up at Cafe Sienna on Chapel St, Prahran.

Gary said he's currently 112kgs, but never been over 113kgs and wants to push some boundaries and hopefully get bigger.

I brought in my bag of goodies with me and said, "Here, try this, this and this ... and see how ya go". This is 'The Mass Stack' ...

I tell him about how I got pissed off with the fitness & supplement industry, I yabber on about the supplement company I'm building and how I'd like to try change the supp industry for the better.

He sounds interested, but more interested in his chicken meal and caramel milkshake the waitress just brought out ...

We yabber on like a pair of nannas, finish our food, I pay the bill, then we head off on our own merry ways ...

"Let The Gainz Begin"

Thursday, 03 November 2016.
Garys Weight: 114.5kgs.

2x days after giving him 'The Mass Stack', I get a message from Gary saying how he cant stop eating, something about eating noodles from under his car seat in the middle of the night ... and how he's packing on some serious MASS.

Gary's excited, and I'm excited for him too because I know those scales will continue to rack up the digits ... 

"114.5kgs, 2.5kgs In 2x Days"

IFBB Pro Gary Wright Scales 114.5


Friday, 04 November 2016.
Garys Weight: 115.3kgs.

"115.3kgs, 3.3kgs In 3x Days"

IFBB Pro Gary Wright Scales 115.3kgs

 "This Is The Heaviest I've Ever Been!"

I'm thinking ... "Get ready for more gainz bro" lol.

We catch up for a chest session at my 'home gym', Olympia Gymnasium, South Melbourne and have a chat about a few things ...

You can tell on his face and hear in his voice, he's excited about the possibilities of where our supplements can take him.

Then Gary hits me hard in the face with the possibility of securing a sponsorship opportunity with BIGBoyz.

To be completely honest, I didn't want to sponsor anyone with the things Gary was expecting. I felt the company foundations still needed to be established before investing in athletes & promotion.

We left it at that and got into our chest session ...

Gary watches, as I whip out my BIGBoyz Elbow Wraps, pick up the 80kg Dumbbells ... and start repping them out on my first set.

"I've Never Seen Anyone Do That Before ..."

Gary tries out the Elbow Wraps for the first time ... he said he's a bit worried about pressing heavy from the 2x previous elbow injuries he's had ... I strap him up and before he knows it, he easily bangs out 65kg Dumbbells for reps (no spot).

"That's The Heaviest I've Been Able To Bench For A While Bro!".

I guess our Elbow Wraps work for him too.

Gary's excited about the lifting gear, the brand, the supplements and the results he's experiencing ... so I give him some more kool things to try out during the week.

Then like a magician, he squeezes into his little black jeep and disappears down the road.

We both get busy over the next few weeks and Gary calls me with an issue;
"I think I'm losing my appetite bro" ... 

"Try changing the dose" I said, "Try this and this ... and see how ya go".

Monday, 28th November 2016.
Garys Weight: 119.3kgs.

"119.3kgs, 7.3kgs In 28x Days"

IFBB Pro Gary Wright Scales 119.5kgs

Friday, 30th November 2016.
Garys Weight: 120.5kgs.

"Thank You Bro, I Hit My Life Goal
120kgs, 8.5kgs In 30x Days"

IFBB Pro Gary Wright Scales 120.5kgs

And This Is What BIGBoyz Is About ...

Watching Gary grow, achieving personal weight goals, breaking scales and seeing his face explode with enthusiasm about all the possibilities he now has at his disposal makes me realize, this is why I built BIGBoyz.

Helping others achieve their goals, getting them to where they want to be, achieving the things they want to achieve and seeing them do the things they love to do. 

I also want to separate ourselves from 'Other' supplement companies ... and actually provide USEFUL supplements, that get results.

We decided to sponsor Gary and help him achieve another one of his personal goals ... and that's to compete overseas in a few Pro Shows.

And it all started with him, Trying Our Supplements

"Gary Isn't The Only One Packing On MASS"

In fact, I was able to manage 5kgs in 1x week (have posted on my FB Timeline), finally breaking the 130kg mark to get to 135kgs, a personal weight goal I've been trying to achieve for a while.

You see,

The supplements we develop, I test personally, I give quality feedback to our genius bio-chemist in the lab ... and continue to directly assist in the development of new supplements and improve existing ones.

I'm in the trenches with you developing our products ...

"Supplements That Work"

Another personal goal of mine is to flat bench the 110kg dumbbells and I've felt the extra body weight (135-140kg) will help support the joints and weight of these stupidly heavy ass dumbbells.

That's where 'Growth Switch', 'Muscle Switch' & 'Pro-Follistatin' helped kick arse.

We also have supplements that can increase contractile strength (Pyranobolin), which help me flat bench up to 100kg Dumbbells (each hand).

But it hasn't stopped there ... the biggest dumbbells in the gym are these bad boyz ... 

Meet 'The Twins' (110kg Dumbbells) - Olympia Gymnasium South Melbourne. 


They are bloody heavy AZF, but I'll get there ...

I'll continue product testing and development to make the best supplements available to achieve my training goals (110kg Dumbbells). Our Boyz will benefit along the way as well ... 

"Let Our Supps, Help You Achieve Your Goals Too"

Gary and a bunch of other Boyz have experienced similar mass gaining results using 'The Mass Stack' ... and many more are busting scales as you read this article.

So if you're looking to add on some MASS ...

Click 'The Mass Stack' Below and Use The Discount Code: BalaG
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IFBB Pro Gary Wrights Mass Stack


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"The Simple Truth About Building Muscle"

I remember the 'Old Skool' way of building muscle, i.e. 'Lee Priest styles',

Put your body in calorie surplus by eating anything & everything (less stress about meal plans too) and getting absolutely MASSIVE (during offseason training).

Then, Train Your Gutz out, lift heavy ass weight & build thick dense muscle underneath the water, fat and whatever else (who cares). 

After you've built the Muscle underneath the Mass, diet down and reveal what's underneath.

These days people want to keep lean all year round (and that's kool), but when I hear others say "I want to build 'lean muscle'", I kind of cringe ... 

Coz here's the thing, 

Building 'lean muscle' is definitely possible, but Can Take Longer, you have to know what you're doing, you have to be VERY Prepared (meal preps & planning) and it can get VERY EXPENSIVE and Very Time Consuming.

And if people aren't seeing quick results, they blame the product(s), blame their coach, blame the world and may end up quitting. 

It's true that size doesn't win comps alone ... but I still believe it's easier to build as much size as you can now, then if you lose size while you diet, you wont be so stressed about losing too much muscle going into your comp(s).

Not competing? Good for you! The less stress hormones the better.

So give 'The MASS Stack' a go, then 'The Shred Stack' later ... you'll thank me for it when you're bigger & shredded in a few months (maybe more, maybe less depending on your diet & training).  

"Have A Different Training Goal?"

That's ok, we cater for many ...

Whether it's Size, Power, Strength Or Shreds you're after, we've got a few product stacks you might like to check out.


BIGBoyz Strength Stack

Strength Stack

BIGBoyz Shred Stack

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And we're constantly expanding our supplement range and improving our existing ones based on the latest research, technology and feedback from our users.

"Build MASS!"

IFBB Pro Gary Wrights Mass Stack

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- AJ Wilson

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