BIGBoyz BIG Changes ... Banned Compounds
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BIGBoyz BIG Changes ... Banned Compounds


It's true, the authorities are banning more compounds come June 1st (2018). 


We actually anticipated this back in Oct/Nov last year ... and our awesome performance chemists have been burning the midnight hours researching & developing cutting-edge compounds that are compliant with current legislation.

We want to make sure we comply with the law.

This constant battle of staying one step ahead of the game is wearing a bit thin as it's time-consuming, expensive and a little difficult to stomach when law abiding tax paying 'gym go'ers' like ourselves want to use performance-enhancing products to improve ourselves, get them taken away because 'they're too dangerous' ... yet tobacco companies can sell cancer causing cigarettes all day long without consequence. 

Pretty fucking shit if you ask me...

    So what's happening with BIGBoyz in May?

    • We're releasing NEW Products that comply with the law.
    • We'll be lowering prices for some of our existing products.
    • We'll be expanding our social visibility & promoting our athletes.
    • We'll be battle-testing a ton of new supp tech. 
    • We'll be working on our website.

    What changes have been made so far & what's coming?

    • We've reformulated & released Growth Switch 2.0.
    • We've reformulated & updated IFBB Pro - Gary Wrights Mass Stack 2.0.
    • We're bringing back 'Anabolic State' (New Formula).
    • We're bringing back the Testeron Capsules (New Formula).
    • We've Discontinued the Mass Stack Powder.
    • We've Discontinued Nolvagen Capsules (& PCT Stack).
    • We've Discontinued the Alpha Female Powder.
    • We're reformulating Cardio Switch (Increasing Effectiveness).
    • We're reformulating Muscle Switch (Increasing Strength).
    • We're reformulating Accelerate (GW5091415)
    • We're reformulating Sleep Switch.
    • We're releasing 'Fight On' an endurance supplement for 'Fighters'.
    • We'll be releasing some New LEGAL Liquid Sarms!
    • We'll be releasing a New Anabolic/Anti-Estrogen Cream (Transdermal).
    • And so much more in the works ...

    So as you can see, an extremely busy month ahead.

    Also we'd appreciate you not asking about time-frames or release dates... it's up to our performance chemists and when it's ready, it's ready ... deadlines are not apart of our creative and testing phases.

    If you do ask, your question will be ignored. It's as simple as that... 

    Not to be rude, but products and development times are beyond our control.

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    - Admin


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